The Andrews Organization has three service divisions: Management, Capital Projects and Brokerage. Working together sharing knowledge and expertise, these divisions effectively operate and administer some of New York City’s finest properties.


The Andrews Organization has extensive experience working with Condominium and Cooperative Boards, Building Owners and Developers. Whether running the day-to-day operations of an established building, conceptualizing a new development’s budget, creating a building’s operational strategy, or facilitating a conversion from commercial to residential, The Andrews Organization is a consistently informed, proactive and highly effective partner.

Management Services
  • Board Guidance and Building Advocacy
  • Bulk Purchasing and Supplies
  • Emergency Response and Intervention
  • Inspection and Reporting
  • Legalization and Certificate of Occupancy
  • Physical Plant Repair and Maintenance
  • Resident Contact and Communication
  • Staff Training and Supervision

Financial Services
  • Annual Budgeting, Analysis and Projections
  • Commercial Leasing Administration
  • E-Billing/Statements/ACH Payments
  • Financial Management
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Payroll Administration
Administrative Services
  • Apartment Transfers, Sales, Sublets and Leasing
  • Compliance and Municipal Filing
  • Leasing Administration
  • Real Estate Tax Abatement
  • Real Estate Tax Protest and Filing
  • Real Property Income and Expense Filing
  • Risk Management and Insurance

Capital Projects


The Andrews Organization completed over 40 million dollars of capital improvement projects in 2014. We possess the on-site experience and technical knowledge to lead even the most diverse and complex construction projects to success.

  • Façade Restoration
    Façade Restoration
  • Storefront Installation
    Storefront Installation
  • Building Reconstruction
    Building Reconstruction
  • Roof Deck Installation
    Roof Deck Installation
  • Amenity and Infrastructure Upgrade
    Amenity and Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Amenity Upgrade
    Amenity Upgrade
  • Infrastructure Upgrade
    Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Infrastructure Upgrade
    Infrastructure Upgrade



The Andrews Organization Brokerage Division is based on quality-of-service and a unique level of individual attention. Our management experience and knowledge of building construction and operations is an invaluable internal resource for our brokerage division, and makes for a highly integrated and substantive approach to selling and renting real estate.

Contact our Brokerage Division at [email protected]

Recent Listings

  • 382 Lafayette Street
    382 Lafayette Street Rented
  • 682 Broadway
    682 Broadway Rented
  • 49 Bond Street
    49 Bond Street For Rent $27,500 per month
  • 15 Bleecker Street Retail
    15 Bleecker Street Retail Rented
  • 12 East 12th Street
    12 East 12th Street Rented
  • 15 Bleecker Street
    15 Bleecker Street Rented
  • 541 Broadway Retail
    541 Broadway Retail Rented
  • 110 Mercer Street Retail
    110 Mercer Street Retail Rented